Sweet Dream bagels follow the Montreal Bagel Style.

The dream team comes from a multi-cultural background and has lived in and visited many parts of the world, which has inspired us to create delightful and distinctive bagel flavours that no one else has yet to make.  Each of our many bagel flavours we produce has its own unique recipe and offers you the opportunity to enjoy a range of sandwich/burger options.

All our bagels are REAL bagels. They are hand rolled and boiled in maple syrup water and baked, which gives them their distinctive golden-brown colour. Bagel making is a lengthy process that gives it a chewy texture, differentiating it from other bread products.

The bagel is a traditional breakfast and lunch dish but can be eaten anytime.

Sweet Dream Foods also sells at weekend markets, where you can order breakfast bagels, bagel sandwiches and bagel burgers (a client favourite) bagels on the weekends.

  • Savoury Bagels

    - Garlic and herbs

    - Mexicana

    - Montreal Spice (V)

    - Sunny (V)

    - Truffle and onion

    - VSSR (V)

  • Sweet Bagels

    - Blueberry (V)

    - Pumpkin Spice (V)

    - Maple

  • Traditional Bagels

    - Plain (V)

    - Stoneground wholemeal (V)

    - Sesame seed

  • 100% Vegetarian

    We offer the best-tasting vegetarian food and many of our products are plant based. Our sauces and products are all hand made. It is important to us to offer you products that we would also eat. We believe it is important to offer healthier, all-natural, preservative-free handmade food.

  • Australian Artisan Foods

    100% Australian owned, Sweet Dream Foods is a family business that believes that hand made (artisan) food using the very best of Australian ingredients are locally sourced is the best for you and your family.

  • Made with Love

    We focus on being sustainable when we produce and offer our food and deliver it. Packaged in recyclable or compostable containers. We need to take care of our planet now and in the future.



Sweet Dream bagels follow the Montreal Bagel Style. The dream team comes... 



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